Change «Required» word after field input box

When you create a new menu item to let visitors add some records into your database table, «contact form» as an example. You have «Required Label» parameter there. Just type what you want to see instead of «Required» word.

Example: <span style="color: #FB1E3D; padding: 3px 1px 3px 1px; ">*</span>

Hidden fields and default values set in Layout.

For example, you have a filed «language» in a table, and in form layout you want to set it with Javascript methods.

And <input type="hidden" it to layout and add "comes_" to the filed name, like this:

<input type="hidden" name="comes_language" value="English" id="lang" />

Make sure that this field marked as "hidden" otherwise there would be unpredictable result, because the input box for it would be added automatically and become duplicated.

Also you may pass a default value in URL, add "es_" to the name of the field.

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