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Youtube Gallery - Standard Feeds

Standard video feeds

Usage: youtubestandard:feed_id

This section explains how to retrieve standard YouTube feeds. Standard feeds contain lists of videos that either reflect YouTube user behavior, such as top-rated and most viewed video feeds, or were selected by YouTube staff, such as recently featured and mobile video feeds. Many of these feeds are shown on the Videos tab of the YouTube website.

Standard feeds are updated periodically, with the update frequency varying from feed to feed. Many feeds are updated every 30 to 40 minutes but other feeds – such as those that capture daily, weekly or monthly results – may only be updated hourly or even daily.

To retrieve a standard feed, send a GET request to the URL associated with that feed. The following table identifies the URL associated with each standard feed:

Name Feed Id Description
Top rated top_rated Description: This feed contains the most highly rated YouTube videos.
Top favorites top_favorites Description: This feed contains videos most frequently flagged as favorite videos.
Most viewed most_viewed Description: This feed contains the most frequently watched YouTube videos.
Most shared most_shared Description: This feed lists the YouTube videos most frequently shared on Facebook and Twitter. This feed is available as an experimental feature.
Most popular most_popular Description: This feed contains the most popular YouTube videos, selected using an algorithm that combines many different signals to determine overall popularity.
Most recent most_recent Description: This feed contains the videos most recently submitted to YouTube.
Most discussed most_discussed Description: This feed contains the YouTube videos that have received the most comments.
Most responded most_responded Description: This feed contains YouTube videos that receive the most video responses.
Recently featured recently_featured Description: This feed contains videos recently featured on the YouTube home page or featured videos tab.
Trending videos on_the_web Description: This feed lists trending videos as seen on YouTube Trends, which surfaces popular videos as their popularity is increasing and also analyzes broader trends developing within the YouTube community. This feed is available as an experimental feature. is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Joomla! Project or Open Source Matters.
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