Mouse Over Zoom

Version: 1.3.0
Mouse Over Zoom is popular Joomla Extension

Mouse Over Zoom is a Joomla Extension that enables you to view bigger versions of thumbnails. Just move the mouse over the thumbnail to view zoomed image with predefined zoom level (x2, x3, x4, x2.5, etc.), without loading a new page.

You can customize this plugin with a lot of additional options.

A plugin to zoom images on mouse over event.

There are two options:
1. Zoom-in the image
2. Zoom-in the image and show another image (better quality) in the end.

Also, there is a zoom factor - how much to zoom the image x2, x3, etc.; and the link and its target options.

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Another Great Joomla Extension From Joomlaboat - Mouse Over Zoom

Example of the "Mouse Over Zoom" effect.

Image 1 - Title
Image Title Example

Having mouse over zoom can be handy tool for both Joomla developers and users, as it will enable you to zoom in to a thumbnail image directly, using your mouse. You can select a number of zoom ranges to suit your requirements, and the image will not be opened in a new webpage, which can help to reduce clutter.

The applications for this software are many, but as an example, retail sites often employ zoom features to enable consumers to get a better view of products. Needless to say, if you run a retail site using Joomla, this software will add another level of satisfaction, and usability for potential customers, enabling them to view a product in more detail at a glance. This also enhances user experience, by not requiring potential customers to keep opening new browser pages if they want to browse other items. A quick and easy user experience will attract new sales.

This is just one example of how useful mouse over zoom can be, and there are of course a number of additional ways that this software can be an effective addition to Joomla sites.

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