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Three images on one line

Link to this post 29 Aug 15

Hi, How to make three images on one line? I really have tried with the code for two images on one line, but without success.

Thank you

Link to this post 04 Sep 15

Try to use tables:

<td><img ....</td>
<td><img ....</td>
<td><img ....</td>

Link to this post 13 Sep 15

Thank you. But if I am using tables the three images will not be in the center of the screen. The distance to the left and right side of the screen are not the same. If I move for example, the left image to the rigt, the image in the middle will move as well.

Link to this post 16 Sep 15

wrap table with fixed width "div" like this:
<div style="width:400px;margin: auto 0;"><table...

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