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Links wrong?

Link to this post 26 May 14

Something must be going on wrongly with the default Joomla SEF and the "List of Articles"...

It shows up correctly the list of Articles in a category. However, the link on every article is wrong. I have Joomla SEF enabled in my site and the link produced by the module is:

Now, on the example above, the menucategory is a main menu item, the news-category is the category I am pulling my articles from and the id=32 is the correct article id of the article to be displayed.

Please don't tell me that I have to disable Joomla SEF in order for the links to show up correct! I guess that I can live with the links of the module NOT showing up using Joomla SEF but disabling Joomla SEF completely is not an option for me.

If that is the case then too bad, I have to say goodbye to my just paid 29$ for something that I can't use...

Link to this post 29 May 14

Is it possible that the link to these articles are already exists?

Link to this post 30 May 14

I'm not sure that I understand your question.

I have created a module with links of the last 3 articles of a specific category (by hand). I would like to use your plugin instead so that every time that I add a new article in that category (let's call it news category), the links for the last 4 articles will be updated so that I don't need to edit my links by hand all the time.

Link to this post 11 Jun 14

Can I have an answer to my question here?

Link to this post 25 May 15

I have the same problem one year later with actual Pro-version 1.2.8. Is there any solution?

Link to this post 26 May 15

Hi, it look for menu items that links to the same article, if it finds it uses that menu link instead.

If you have a lot of articles use Category Block instead. I may give it to you free of charge.

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