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How to add thumbnail width and height in your HORIZONTAL demo with ARI-Sexy-Lightbox-Lite enabeled

Link to this post 19 Jan 15

Hi, hope someone can help me with this, since I tried what is suggested in the other post and did not work for me.

I have joomla 3.3.6 installed in my computer, but I used the exact name for folders in the plugin example:

I have the ARI-Sexy-Lightbox-Lite installed and working o.k.

I would like to set thumbnails hight to 250px, but this did not work,
{filmgallery=images/gal-mujeres/dahiana,900,,,,,,, 300,horizontal:sexylightbox}

Thanks in advance for the help.

Link to this post 21 Jan 15

I have chatted with Ivan, and he provided me with the syntax required to change the hight in the example of the module:

you have to:
1. Save this file:

2. change height in with your photo editor

3. upload it to your server, let say as : images/new_film_bg.png

4. {filmgallery=images/galleryexample/subfolder,300,,horizontal:sexylightbox,,images/new_film_bg.png,,70}

Hope it helps. An thank you very much again to Ivan.

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